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  • Rated power: about 0.75 to 250 kW
  • Rotation speed: 500 to 10 rpm
  • Impeller diameter: 0.50 to 6m
  • Impeller type: all kind
  • Construction material: all machinable metallic material
  • Pressure use: few mbar difference of the atmospheric pressure 


• E5 type is used for mixing at atmospheric pressure in open tank.

• The shaft is guided with a radial bearing located into the pedestal, the E5 head allows high flexion strength and long shaft.

Constitution :
• One electric motor, horizontal or vertical position, all insulation available, cast iron or aluminium frame
• One coupling to the gear box, by elastic coupling, depending on gear box type, under guard
• One gear box, manufacturer with customer agreement
• One guiding support with bearing
• One flange for tank connection adapted to the tank
• One shaft, solid or tubular
• One or more impeller(s), fixed to the shaft with hub (adjustable position) or bolted blades on welded plates on shaft.


• Frequency inverter
• Belt drive
• Flange connection, squared shape, all standards
• Coating: ebonite, butyle, PVDF, PTFE, etc.
• Bottom bearing: for long shaft, or high flexion strength due to severe operating conditions (gas injection, etc.), this device, holds the shaft at its tip, with a PTFE bushing, the static part of the bottom bearing must be welded on the bottom vessel with feet.