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R & D

The Development Department owns a recently-renovated testing laboratory, equipped with transparent tanks from 50 litres to 4,000 litres.
Small and large capacity wells also allow equipment to be tested for volumes from 8m3, 32m3 to 130m3.
 Milton Roy Mixing provides comprehensive expertise in agitation to improve your process through advanced computer tools in hydraulics (CFD) and mechanical fluid-structure.
MRM is equipped with the ANSYS software solution. This software is the world leader in its sector (fluid-structure). It allows the behaviour of the agitators in a tank to be analysed more precisely to estimate the evolution of local velocities fluids, forces, pressures, and also to analyze the agitator vibrations, as well as the mechanical constraints with the agitations to shafts, blades, etc.….
Once the tests are made on computer, they are confirmed in our laboratory test to check the CFD assumptions. Thanks to that tool, we provide a visual confirmation of the tests.
Using it allows us to obtain the best technical/economical solution by determining the number of propellers per tank, the minimum rotation speed to meet the required service, the shaft diameter and the thickness of propellers.

CFD: An advantageous tool for optimal agitation and design solutions.


 Numerical modelling allows us to obtain results close to reality in terms of geometry (propeller and tank) and process. To do it, MRM is equipped with a powerful workstation and high performance CAD software.
This ANSYS software has many advantages; the main ones are:
-          Seeing the flow field (Compressible and incompressible flow)
-          Predictingthe pressure drop (3D flows, steady state)
-          Calculating complex flows (Laminar and turbulent)
-          Visualizing circulation flows (Heat transfer)
-          Reviewing and optimizing design (Complex fluids,Single phase)
Numerical modelling contributes to the constant search for new techniques into order to improve your processes.