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  • Rated power: about 0.75 to 250 kW
  • Rotation speed: 500 to 10 rpm
  • Impeller diameter: 0.25 to 6m
  • Impeller type: all kind
  • Construction material: all machinable metallic material
  • Pressure use: full vacuum to approx. 75 Bg (250 Bg with magnetic drive)


• F5 type is used in all operations processed under pressure or vacuum, or for mixing dangerous substances.

• F5 has a guiding bearing located into the guiding support or into the seal, that allows severe operating conditions (high pressure, high temperature, viscous product, high mixing intensity). The seal may be fitted with an easy taking off device for removing the seal cartridge quickly (all tools supplied).

Constitution :

• One electric motor, horizontal or vertical position, all insulation available, cast iron or aluminium frame
• One coupling to the gear box, by elastic coupling or rigid coupling, depending on gear box type, under guard.
• One gear box, manufacturer with cutomer agreement
• One guiding support with bearing
• One flange for tank connection adapted to the tank
• One seal device with stuffing box, or single mechanical seal with dry running, or double mechanical seal.
• One shaft, solid or tubular
• One or more impeller(s), fixed to the shaft with hub (adjustable position) or bolted blades on welded plates on shaft.


• Frequency inverter
• Belt drive
• Magnetic drive
• Flange connection, squared shape, all standards
• Coating: ebonite, butyl, PVDF, PTFE, etc.