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Chemical Industry > Fertilizer

The industrial phosphate process is based on solubilization. The first step in phosphate solubilization is the production of phosphoric acid (H3PO4). 

Phosphoric acid is the result of mixing between natural phosphate and sulfuric acid. Phosphoric acid is the basis of most phosphate products.
Phosphoric acids are primarily used in agriculture, but are also used in many other industries such as animal feeding, food industry, and the detergent industry.

Fertilizer production incorporates several components.

This is why we use different agitators and agitation types depending upon:

  • Viscosity level
  • Corrosivity
  • Abrasiveness
  • Other steps to obtain the end product

Phosphoric acid starts from phosphate powder, crushed and boiled, to which we add and mix H2SO4 (sulfuric acid). The resulting product is transformed into a homogeneous dilute acid that is stocked until it reaches its ideal acid concentration.
This is why we use an agitator dedicated to the homogenization operation so that the sulfuric acid perfectly reacts with the phosphate in the whole tank.

The storage tank containing the first mix leads to the holding suspension of solid particles coming from phosphate minerals.
In this case, an agitator that holds particles due to the climbing speed and the liquid rate is needed. The agitator must offer resistance to different acidity levels (ranging between 29 and 54 percent) depending upon the mixed products.

Milton Roy Mixing provides a tailor-made range of ROBIN® mixers for optimal adapted agitation necessary for various complex processes.
For ideal homogenization, Milton Roy Mixing offers HPM®
Impellers. These ensure proper diffusion through the entire tank, producing a total reaction of the mixture occurring during reaction with the phosphate.
Sulfur is used in liquid form for the manufacture of sulfuric acid, and must reach 100° C to be completely purified in the melter.

The ROBIN mixer range provides the most effective form of homogenization as it is dedicated to complex processes involving high temperatures.
For cases involving sulfur homogenization, Milton Roy Mixing offers HPM® impellers to completely sever blocks of pure sulfur.


Equipment used


The B5 type is used when a simple tightness is required to avoid contact between the product and the atmosphere mixing under few mbars of pressure or vacuum, or when the product is hazardous or must be kept in an inert atmosphere).

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The E5 head offers high flexion strength and a long shaft. The shaft is guided with a radial bearing located within the pedestal.

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