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The storage of raw materials or finished products prior to packaging must preserve the characteristics and qualities of the stored products.

Raw materials often contain particles in suspension (for example: paraffin oil), or have heterogeneities (such as crude oil and a variable rate with heavy oil).

Maintenance of various homogeneous substances is essential to prevent material deposits.

Milton Roy Mixing has developed a range of side-entry agitators based upon the following specifications:

1: Reducing environmental footprint through the reduction of power consumption and the use of non-polluting and recyclable materials (eco-design).

Milton Roy Mixing uses SABRE® propellers with high hydraulic efficiency.

The high-amplitude liquid jet—powered by the propeller—allows animation of very large volumes (thousands of m3) with only a few watts per square meter.

The optimized design leads to a device which uses less material.

2: : Risk analysis results in optimum safety for operators, including such benefits as:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy maintenance and low cost
  • Simple implementation upon the lateral flange of the tank

3: Agitation efficiency is increased for better process performance.

Milton Roy Mixing provides solutions based upon studies conducted by its R&D department, with the help of the Computering Fluids Dynamics (CFD) division. Confirmed by more than 40 years of experience with large agitated volumes and the construction of more than 1,000 side-entry mixers.

This option ensures a tank without a dead zone and lower energy consumption (approximately 25 to 33 percent) compared to conventional solutions.


Equipment used

Side entry

Side-entry applications include oil storage, raw and finished products, winemaking processes, ethanolic fermentation, and additive preparation. Processes include homogenization and heat transfer (heating, cooling, temperature holding, and transfer).

Side entry
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Side entry mixer for BS&W in crude oil storage

Ameliorez la performance et la fiabilité des mélanges de vos cuves de stockage !

Side entry mixer for BS&W in crude oil storage
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