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Since 1998, Milton Roy Mixing has offered agitation expertise within the Milton Roy group of companies.

Founded in 1895 as a part of Robin Industries, Milton Roy Mixing is now among the top ten worldwide manufacturers of agitators.


Milton Roy

With more than a century of expertise, our parent company Milton Roy has evolved into the global leader in fluid control and odorization technology. We offer a broad range of pneumatic, hydraulic-actuated, solenoid-driven, metering, and centrifugal pumps and accessories to provide cost-effective, reliable pumping solutions for chemical dosing and water removal, meeting a wide range of industry needs. In addition to our mixing product catalog, we offer a complete line of crude and refined product samplers, gas odorization systems, and light liquid petroleum units.

Our network includes ten production sites worldwide:

  • Four in the United States (Ivyland, PA; Acton, MA; Burbank, CA; and Warminster, PA)
  • Four in Europe (Pont-Saint-Pierre, Samoreau, and Bordeaux, France; and Sunderland, United Kingdom)
  • Two in Asia (Chennai, India, and Shanghai, China)
Our plants are ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000 certified.



MILTON ROY India is specialised in the manufacturing and the selling of Chemical Dosing Pumps, agitators and others Dosing systems made and personalised for all the process of its customers.

 MILTON ROY INDIA provided more than 200 000 dosing pumps and count more than 3000 customers through India and neighboring countries.
Making dosing pumps a niche strategy, MILTON ROY INDIA has become the market leader by guaranteeing the complete satisfaction of its customers through quality products, Innovative, customized, with an after-sales service that can respond immediately to customer demand.
Milton Roy India also commercializes agitators for Milton Roy Mixing designed for water treatment


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Milton Roy Americas

Milton Roy Americas provides a large range of pumps based on its various subsidiaries located throughout the U.S. with particularities in the design and manufacture:

  • Of pressure generators (hydraulic pumps / air blowers / compressors all gas)
  • Of Dosing Pumps, physicochemical controllers
  • Of membrane compressor, agitated reactor and magnetic
  • Pneumatic Dosing pumps (diaphragm pumps and piston) and chemical injection systems driven by air or gas.
  • Of Systems for odorization of gas, sampling systems and units for light oil products.

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