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Floating Agitator - HELIFLOAT


The Helifloat® agitator offers:

  • Easy setup
  • A power rating up to 18.5 kW
  • A SABRE® propeller with axial flow
  • Minimal maintenance


Main application of the Helifloat agitator

Helifloat efficiently holds solid particles in suspension in basins or water treatment tanks.

Operating principles

Helifloat’s high-power propeller (SABRE) channels the liquid jet toward the bottom of the basin, up to 7 m deep.

Setup of the agitator

Some basins do not allow the adaptation of a vertical agitator due to large size. Since it is floating, the Helifloat agitator does not require a mounting device. Several Helifloat agitators can be implemented in large-dimension basins.

Fixation is performed using simple cables to avoid gyration of the equipment.

Helifloat is a floating agitator that includes:

  • A geared motor group
  • Parts that protect moving parts from foreign matter
  • One hydrofoil (SABRE) propeller