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Built from the experience of over 23,000 Helisem® mixers in service, the HELISEM® line is getting a new life, with numerous benefits:



Improved performance:

• Saving energy consumption up to 80% at the same level of agitation

• Mixer weight reduced by 30% on average
• Smaller footprint
• Easier assembly, faster and safer
• Low maintenance


• The range applies to tanks from 50 liters to 400 m3, for viscosities up to 1000 mPas (cP) and S.G. up to 1.3.

  For all your applications:
• Water treatment (flocculation, reagent preparation, milk of lime storage, pH control ...
• Formulation of consumable products (detergents, paints, inks ...)
•Chemical industry
• All additive préparations


A wide range:
Standard options to cover many applications:
• Range with 1 or 2 propellers
• Range for 50Hz or 60Hz electrical supply
• Range for ATEX zone 1 or 2
• Outdoor installation
• Installation in wet area
•Speed ​​variation
• Coating for operating in corrosive media

The HELISEM are offered worldwide through a distribution netwotk specifically trained to offer a complete quotation in minutes.
• And always on-time delivery from 5 days!

 Select HELISEM is an active contribution in sustainable development!