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Chemical Industry > Hydrometallurgy

Hydrometallurgy is a form of metal extraction which focuses on the solubilization of a metal in order to purify the matter.

Many minerals are treated around the world using a homogenization process for the creation or recovery of metals.

In relevant processes, inorganic chemistry requires a large liquid tank capacity in order to obtain the expected chemical reaction.

Therefore, agitating devices are essential to facilitate the process.

Based upon the chemical reaction, the agitator must be adapted to the different functions in the reactor, such as:

  • Liquid holding suspension
  • Homogenization
  • Gas dispersion
  • Heat transfer

Milton Roy Mixing provides the tailor-made Robin® range of products to meet your specific agitation needs and conform to your process.

We will recommend an agitation system which will allow you to obtain a high level of efficiency and achieve desired results. Thanks to our CFD tools, we guarantee a complete improvement of your process.

The agitator designed will ensure not only maximum results for your process, but also a minimal investment and reduction of your production cost.

The main applications of hydrotreating include:

  • Recovery of iron minerals, aluminum, zinc, copper, and the like
  • Sterilization of special metals by biochemical treatment

Milton Roy Mixing has a wealth of expertise in these applications.

Equipment used


The Robin A5 type is used in an open tank at atmospheric pressure.

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The B5 type is used when a simple tightness is required to avoid contact between the product and the atmosphere mixing under few mbars of pressure or vacuum, or when the product is hazardous or must be kept in an inert atmosphere).

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The E5 head offers high flexion strength and a long shaft. The shaft is guided with a radial bearing located within the pedestal.

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