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Presentation Services


Listening and availability for our customer's satisfaction

Spare parts

  • We ensure the compliance between the new and used parts for your agitators because customer tracking is carried out for any work on each machine.

R & D


  • Computational Fluids Dynamic close to real cases, and accurate
  • Developping and improving the customer's design of Milton Roy Mixing
  • Provide appropriate mixing solutions the main customers process


  • Milton Roy Mixing provides a fast and available maintenance response, no matter what your request, through our network of partners around the world.

Return goods policy


  • Milton Roy Mixing  wants to make every contract a sign of trust


  • Services adapted to your needs no matter your request. Whatever your are located, we will do anything possible in order to to find an appropriate solution.
Rapid Intervention Request
Spare parts Request



Listening and availability for complete satisfaction of your needs:
The objectives of our Service Department include:
  • Optimization of your process before design
  • On-site start-up assistance
  • Maintenance and various repairs on your agitator
Our commitment and our understanding of your profession enable us to respond precisely to your needs thanks to an international commercial presence.
We provide to our customers the skills of an agitator experts team, thanks to our Research & Development Centre that can take advantage of advanced tools such as CFD analysis which guarantee the best adaptation for your process 
With our computing tools, we can quickly bring you an optimum and adapted solution to your needs worldwide.

 Our After-Sales and Spare Parts Department owns an on-site support, available to your request,  in order to facilitate the installation of your agitators.
Thanks to our experts and our partners, we have the power to operate immediately on-site in case of technical problems,  to reduce the non-production costs.
Our technicians of the our After-Sales Department are pleased to be your privileged contact to provide you a technical support, according to your needs, or available to answer any questions relating to your facility and its process.
An intervention on-site can be performed at your request :  Form for a quick intervention  
But also for technical problems or any parts changes :  Spare Parts request form
Milton Roy Mixing offers training courses on agitation and its various methods in its office,  in order to make the customer comfortable with the equipment and therefore to obtain the best performance and also a more longer life for his machine: