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  • Operating capacity: from 5 m3 to 200 000m3
    (1,3 MM barrels)
  • Rated Power: from 0.37 to 55 kW (10 to 75 Horspower)
  • Rotation Speed: from 200 to 1500 rpm
  • Operating conditions: from -1 to 10 bars ; from 0° to 250°C (482°F)
  • TEFC, Ex Proof, IEEE-841 available
  • Quick Shut off device
  • Carbon Steel
  • Single Mechanical Seal



The Milton Roy Mixing SIDE ENTRY MIXER mounts quickly and easily on the tank flange to deliver the most effective mixing results in an etremely efficient units. The small diameter of the SABRE impeller allows for reduced energy conusmption and easy installation. The Side Entry Mixer is designed for tanks up to 200,000 m3 (1.3 MM Barrels).


Some products must be stored at a warm temperature to be more fluid (vegetable oils, plant extracts, glues) while others must be stocked at low temperatures (beverages, milk).
Taking into account the large volumes of the tanks, the ease of the operation of agitation required, and the inability of the tank storage to support a load on the roof,
MILTON ROY MIXING has developed a specific range of Side Entry HAD and HRB agitators satisfying the cases previously mentioned. 

Main Advantages

- Easy installation and Maintenance

- Shorter mixing times

- Sabre Impeller designed for large tank volumes

- Turret design housing allows for ease of maintenance

- Energy Savings

- Small footprint

- Low Weight

- Low Power consumption

MILTON ROY MIXING provides SABRE® impellers with a high hydraulic efficiency; they are driven with a high speed.

The high liquid jet amplitude, propelled by the impeller, allows the moving of very large volumes (thousands of m3) using few watt/m3. 
Depending the tank volume (MILTON ROY MIXING has experience in the base of 200,000 m3), we recommend to install1 to 5 agitators.

MILTON ROY MIXING provides solutions thanks to studies conducted by our R & D services that use numerical simulation of fluid flows (CFD).
The choice allows the prediction of a tank with no dead zone, low energy consumption in the range of 25% to 33% compared to the conventional solutions.

MILTON ROY MIXING has also developed Side Entry adjustable agitators, in order to increase the scope enclosure.
The "Shut of Device" that MILTON ROY MIXING recommends with its sealing static system allosw the removal of water-resistant parts on a full tank


Among the options selected:
- Adjustable agitators
- Special fittings (single, double, high temperature ...)
- Connection flange according to ISO, ASA, API,...
- Material 316 L stainless steel, steel/carbon, super austenitic, duplex…...

SIDE ENTRY agitators can, on request, be compliant  with the ATEX directive ®.