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Floating Agitator - TURBOXAL


The Turboxal® agitator offers:
  • Easy setup
  • SABRE® propeller with axial flow
  • 2 m diameter
  • Self-aspirating turbine
  • Wide pumping (depth: 7m max)
  • Agitation with a diameter of 15 to 20 m around the mixer


Main application of the Turboxal agitator

Turboxal improves the efficiency of injecting pure oxygen into aeration basins of shallow water (less than 5 m) or aerated lagoons, or in pools in which the installation of submersible equipment is difficult.

Process of the agitator

Patented jointly with Air Liquide, Turboxal increases the capacity of treatment, improves sludge settling, reduces formation odors, and homogenizes mixing.

Widely used in water treatment, Turboxal is also used in paper, food processing, and chemical industries.

Turboxal enables operation with low oxygen requirements, minimizing consumption of pure oxygen and operating costs.

Turboxal is a floating oxygenator that includes:

  • A geared motor group
  • Three unsinkable floating components that protect moving parts from foreign matter
  • An impeller utilizing a vertical shaft
  • A part to protect the structure, guiding the flow depth