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VDA Agitator Specifications:
  • MARINE propeller
  • Ø 80 to 160 mm
  • Rotation Speed:  1,500 rpm
  • Rated Power: 0.25 to 1.5 kW
  • Usage Capacity: 0.05m3 to 3 m3


VDA agitators are fitted with a high-efficiency marine propeller.
Direct power drive offers simplicity
Pumping flow rate range is 35 to 200 m3/h

VDA agitators are designed to work 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

The material of wetted parts is SS316L, or copolymer coated for corrosive bulk.

VDA agitators are multipurpose mixers due to a simple but efficient impeller and high speed, allowing for a powerful jet and rapid dissolution of powders.
The impeller consists of one part on a solid shaft.

VDA agitators cannot run with variable speed, during filling, or while discharging the vessel.



    • Standard  range with 1 or 2 propellers
    • Standard  range for running under  50Hz or 60 Hz
    • Standard  range ATEX Zone 1 or 2
    • Copolymer coating when SS316 is not corrosive resistant to the media
    • Frequency  inverter, integrated to the motor for a better matching to the process.
    • Operation in tropical area
    • Operation in outside area
    • Several option on motor as cast iron ,monophase supply...
    • SS flange with V ring