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VRH Agitator Specifications:
  • Impeller diameter Ø: 600 to 2350 mm
  • Rotation Speed: 23 to 76 rpm
  • Rated Power: 018 to 3 kW
  • Operating Capacity:  2 m3 to 200 m3 approx.
  • HXP  impeller with three blades





            VRH mixers are fitted with a low footprint gear reducer, with several models life lubricated, they can run all day long.

Depending on size, the shaft is solid or tubular (for weight saving, with same mechanical resistance).

The new shaft design allows the absence of ribs (welded reinforcement), that means 50% less of welding, for lighter stress on shaft and a strong decreasing on corrosion risks.

New HXP impellers are significantly lighter (-50%) with the same mechanical resistance.

With a high mixing efficiency and thank to the mixer design, the mixer rotation speed is quite low, for a better respect on sensitive product and a more stable equipment.

For the same pumping flow rate, we note an energy saving over 70%, the cost effective reduction is excellent.

The blade mounting is simplified and safer. Indeed, mounting is operated blade by blade it is not necessary to maintain  the 3 blade in same time, that allows 50% less of mounting time on impeller.  

The blade fixation on welded ears eradicate risk or error on position and eliminate any risk of sliding along the shaft.



  • Standard  range with 1 or 2 propellers
  • Standard  range for running under  50Hz or 60 Hz
  • Standard  range ATEX Zone 1 or 2
  • Copolymer coating when SS316 is not corrosive resistant to the media
  • Frequency  inverter, integrated to the motor for a better matching to the process.
  • Operation in tropical area
  • Operation in outside area
  • Several option on motor as cast iron ,monophase supply...
  • SS flange with V ring